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Team Members' Message Page
It won't be too long before we are back training in the flesh. Thank you to all those who have attended our Zoom classes.Please ensure your details are updated before classes recommence.
Updated Details and Waiver Form
Cheer On

Cheerleader Details and Waiver Form.
Name of Cheerleader.
Date Of Birth.
Medical Conditions/ allergies if applicable.
Parent/Guardian Name
I take responsibility for the above named participant and understand/agree that Rhondda Rockets and its coaches and officials are under no liability whatsoever in regards to personal injury, loss or damage caused or suffered by participants. Please confirm to show you agree

I agree to my details being used for Track and Trace purposes.

Photography and video, may be taken of participants whilst taking part in activities/in competition. (If for any reason you do not wish photographs or video to be taken please inform coaches or officials.

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